Holiday Kitty Catnip

Holiday Kitty Catnip
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Holiday Kitty Catnip



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  • Playful kitty catnip- Cats go crazy over!

  • Catnip has been found to repel mosquitoes, flies and other unpleasant insects.

  • Catnip will make many adult cats full of energy and bounce!

  • Playful critters on the bags- Birds and mouse

  • "Here kitty kitty!"

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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

5Long-Lasting Catnip  Dec 13, 2013
By L. V. Sage "Author of Red, White & Blues"
My cats go insane over these catnip bags! We can't even throw them out because as soon as we think about it, one of them gets one of these bags out of their toy basket and licks & licks it! The bags are stained with cat saliva and are years old at this point, but they STILL love them and respond to the catnip inside. Am going to buy new ones this year, though!

5All that really matters is that the catnip is really potent and the cats LOVE it!  Nov 23, 2015
By Maggie Spackman
This is the first pack I have bought in five years they last that long! This catnip is incredible; my two cats are totally besotted with the contents! Although the covers are very attractive they soon get stained but who cars about that - only us humans right?! All that really matters is that the catnip is really potent and the cats LOVE it!

1Cats indifferent to catnip toy  Jul 05, 2015
By Jan
Even though both of my cats really liked these catnip toys in the past, they were totally indifferent to them from this order. I offered them to a neighbor and their cats were also uninterested in them. (All of the cats had spent a lot of time playing with this toy in the past.)

5Kitties Love It!  Jan 27, 2014
By KofOregon
They must use high quality catnip because my cats prefer this over their other catnip toys.
If your cats are like mine they will be licking it to death.

5Made the Cats Nuts!:-)  Jan 12, 2011
By E. M. Gilmore
I wrapped it up and put it under the tree. One of my cats got a whiff of it and opened not only the wrapping but the package as well!

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